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pharmacy accounting services

Whether you have to plan for tax returns or to find a money-saving solution for your business, we are always here to help you. We can help you attain long-term success and financial compliance with ease and rapidness. Monthly Financials delivered timely and importantly, in a pharmacy specific format. Revenue is broken down on the P&L by PSAO, Caremark, Humana, DIR Fees, Cash etc.  Cost of Goods Sold shows you pharmacy accounting primary purchases, secondary purchases, returns and rebates. Payroll is specific to your store by type – pharmacist, technician, delivery, admin and expenses show pharmacy specific expenses vs. general expenses like rent, utilities etc. IRx Accounting Services has specifically designed the structure and content for the pharmacy industry so you as the owner can clearly understand your financial performance.

For example, you may be several years behind in bank reconciliations or you may have several dozen outstanding checks that have not cleared your bank account. Our experience which has been gained from working with pharmacies for over twenty five years, allows us to provide business advice to individual pharmacists in order to assist future development and growth. Moving forward, Accountants in Miami said prescription drug plans should communicate more closely with HHS on fraud-related matters. Pharmacy accounting services Miami should be aware that plans can withhold payment until an investigation has determined that the claim is not fraudulent, according to Accountants in Miami. Upper-level management is often tasked with overseeing various operations, including accounting and bookkeeping for pharmacies.

We Know Pharmacies

No matter what accounting and tax services your business needs, we’re ready to tailor a package to fit your business. WebbRx Accounting partners with independent pharmacies to provide accurate and timely financial information on a monthly basis. We at Fusion CPA have worked with many small and medium-size pharmacies in Atlanta, Georgia, and the US. The CFO advisory for pharmacies we offer includes tax planning for pharmacies, an explanation of financial statements, and general accounting. As a CPA for pharmacies, we can help you look at your current accounting methods and recommend changes to minimize liability and increase revenue. Owning and operating a community pharmacy has its own unique challenges, especially in managing financials.

pharmacy accounting services

The alliance will provide a comprehensive array of services tailored to the specialty pharmacy industry. With the rapid growth in the industry, specialty pharmacies and manufacturers of specialty pharmaceuticals face significant challenges in acquiring growth capital and developing and managing their talent pool, while simultaneously maintaining regulatory compliance. This environment necessitates increased collaboration between service providers. Since 1975, FariasJett & Company has been providing tax and accounting
services for an array of different types of industries with 80% of
its primary focus aiding independent pharmacies. Decades of experience
dealing with community pharmacy owners regarding inventory, cash flow,
profitability, internal control, even software development design, has
allotted Farias-Jett vast experience in this particular field.


Outsourcing it will allow you to import the payroll entries with a click of a button, saving you time and money. Its up or out for Miami Accountants firms are faced with the dilemma of keeping long-term managers that are not ready to be equity partners or let them go. Plans should also work with physicians to prescribe fraud-prone drugs for fewer than 30 days, according to the memorandum. Accountants in Miami said it was also the result of a growing problem with prescription drug abuse. Let us record and accurately categorize your day to day transactions. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your accounting, tax and financial needs.

pharmacy accounting services

The owner of this site is using Wordfence to manage access to their site. Under a prior authorization program, a physician would have to submit a form and get approval from the plan before being able to fill out a beneficiary’s prescription. We are here to assist you and answer any of your questions you have about our company, financial needs or about beginning our program.

Sykes & Company – Pharmacy Accounting Support

We’ll provide you with the reports and figures you need to make important decisions, and at year-end, your finances will be tax filing-ready (no more scrounging around for receipts in March!). We don’t endorse or control the content of the site you’re about to visit. These resources will have professional contacts or members that can help you identify specialists and/or help you understand how to assess a potential accountant’s expertise.

A solid pharmacy accounting foundation begins with making sure your accounting system ties into your tax returns. Often, when a certified public accountant (CPA) prepares a tax return for a pharmacy owner, the CPA makes adjusting entries in his or her copy of the books, but does not update the set of books at the pharmacy. To make the process more efficient, you need to use technologies that allow your accounting file to be shared simultaneously, without backing up files or sending them to the CPA via flash drive. Our staff is uniquely prepared and knowledgeable about this dynamic and constantly changing industry.


Jimmy remains up to date with relevant information regarding pharmacy. We offer a one to one personal service regarding all aspects of pharmacy. We offer sms alerts on HSE announcements and detailed analysis on the affect to your gross profit margin. The CMS memorandum also suggested additional tools Part D plans can use to deter fraud, such as prior authorization programs and retrospective reviews. CPA Firm Accountants in Miami said that targeting suspicious Medicare Part D claims reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to reducing fraud and protecting taxpayer funds.

Financial statements help those in managerial positions in pharmacies to determine which stores or products are profitable and which ones are not. Going far beyond the standard accounting and tax services, our CPAs specialize in several industry areas and are in tune with the opportunities and challenges faced by each. The way your taxes are filed has an impact on the rest of your financial plan and we’re experts in understanding the nuances of tax preparation and planning.

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