Performance Management

Your HR team can assess the performance of all employees via an automated system. This will help you prioritise the tasks necessary to develop, motivate and retain a high performing workforce throughout the year – without the extra cost of a separate appraisal system.



When performance management is automated, you can link your employees’ career goals with the overarching business strategy. Your staff will feel more involved in the company strategy and can take a proactive approach to realising their ambitions. Automate your HR processes and you will effectively empower all your employees. This will improve efficiency within your team, deliver great HR results and boost overall business profits. With more time to focus on strategic (rather than administrative) work. HR teams can finally get the respect they deserve and pull up a chair at the boardroom table


Our comprehensive performance management tool will assist your organisation in assessing your employees and ultimately help to develop, motivate and retain a high performing workforce all year round without the need to use a separate appraisal system.


Performance Management Features

  • Standard KPA templates per position, business unit, division, company etc.
  • Custom defined scale values, descriptions and explanations
  • Multiple process types to cater for monthly/quarterly/bi-annual and annual reviews
  • Custom defined succession planning questions and response types
  • Pre-defined templates and raters per employee, ensuring minimal administrative maintenance
  • Multiple rate types (manager/self/peers/other) with different weightings
  • Quick (30 seconds) process to kick off evaluation process
  • Ability to add secondary scale (for additional feedback to report on)
  • Define access such as who is allowed to create and maintain KPI’s (manager or employees), see weightings and see historical scores and details
  • Individual based PDF reporting with detailed scores and comments per KPI
  • Quick view of historical overall scores and progress per employee
  • Company level reporting of scores, detailed KPI’s, progress and more

Performance Management for Any Size Business

We have created a powerful combination of features that is easy to use and affordable for any size of organisation (whether private or public). It is equally important to have a performance appraisal process in place for a small business as it is for a large organisation and by using HRDirector’s evaluation module, clients will have the benefit of powerful software which traditionally are only available to large organisations simply due to the cost implications (now at very affordable rates).


Employee performance appraisals shouldn’t be a dreaded task that yields a lot of paperwork and little value for your organisation. HRDirector guarantee that our evaluation tool will greatly streamline performance appraisal processes within your organisation and reduce HR’s administrative burden.


Moving from a paper-ridden to an electronic performance appraisal system saves time, money and significantly improves the evaluation process for both the employee and the organisation.


HRDirector’s Performance Management Module Lets You:

  • Create your own organisation’s appraisal processes that can be actively monitored i.e. 2020 Annual Performance Appraisals.
  • Create organisation’s key performance indicators (KPI’s), attach them to a predefined process and using our performance dashboard, visually see how these indicators are performing based on predefined targets across departments or cost centres. Areas requiring attention will be highlighted immediately.
  • Create an unlimited number of appraisal templates from scratch. Templates can be position or job specific or simply general templates that suite all employees. Assign relevant weightings to sections of the template that indicate higher importance than other sections.
  • Create your own scales that are relevant to specific areas or questions, for example, 1 = Unsatisfactory, 2 = Below Average, 3 = Average, 4 = Above Average, 5 = Excellent – this scale could be used for a variety of questions whereas, 1 = Did not meet expectations, 2 = Met Expectations, 3 = Exceeded Expectations could relate to project specific questions.
  • Automated 360 degree evaluations – get broader, richer “multi-rater” feedback without the processing hassles. Raters will be notified via email that they need to assess a person, they simply need to login into HRDirector and complete the evaluation in their inbox. It is all online therefore you eliminate all paper!
  • Managers are able to view all raters’ feedback.
  • Employees as well as managers are able to log entries throughout the year in an employee’s performance journal so that at appraisal time these are taken into account.
  • Log goals and create development plans for an employee and review these at the employee’s next appraisal.
  • A complete history of an employee’s appraisals or reviews are stored and can be viewed at any time.