Manager Self Service Suite

Employee and manager self-service functionality allows users to apply, capture, view, authorise and initiate tasks with workflow approvals. Items include but are not limited to leave applications, leave balances, payslips, various claims, change requests and training.  Self-service now also offers our comprehensive performance management tool that will assist your organisation in assessing your employees and ultimately help to develop, motivate and retain a high performing workforce all year round without the need to use a separate appraisal system.



Features Of Manager & Employee Self Service

  • Dashboard with quick links and useful information in one view for all modules
  • Mobile friendly
  • Social banner, quote and profile picture for a personalised feel
  • Action items from your HRDirector inbox such as leave approvals, claim approvals etc
  • Access to enterprise documents such as policies and forms as well as links to other systems/websites
  • Access to all historical payslips and tax certificates
  • Ability to compare multiple payslips in one view
  • View payslip in home/host currency
  • Download/email multiple payslips to yourself
  • Update your own basic information based on access rights given (addresses, biographical, etc.)
  • View/update asset register, dependents and custom field information
  • Act on behalf of your employees and submit claims, leave, view balances, payslips etc. based on access rights (fully audited)
  • Ability to drill into components, per month, per tax code to view the full make-up of the IR5 calculations
  • View of your team and peers, sorted by upcoming events such as leave and birthdays
  • View a public profile of any employee in the company group with information such as birthday, org structure details, work number/ID/badge, email address and reporting lines


Key Features of Self Service


View projected balance for future dated applications, including pending leave

  • Intuitive calendar blocking out non-working days and days with existing applications
  • See the next person in the workflow chain
  • View pending leave and who it’s currently with
  • See leave about to be forfeited
  • Calendar with your team’s leave and birthdays. (Option to view full company per org unit)
  • Set out of office for workflow items



  • Attach supporting documentation (drag and drop feature)
  • See the next person in the workflow chain
  • View all historical completed claims with an audit of who captured, approved or rejected the claim on which date and time
  • View all pending claims and who they are with



  • Ability for managers and employees to define KPI’s with approvals both ways, always ensuring an agreed upon scorecard
  • Export KPI’s to PDF
  • Access to an employee journal throughout the year to keep record of all supporting documentation – accessible during the rating process
  • Easy step through rating process, selecting a score, enter comment and move to next section
  • Ability for managers to view scores and comments completed by the employee and/or peers while completing the evaluation
  • Customised introduction message to guide your employees through the rating process
  • Ability to move back to any question until the evaluation is finalised
  • Progress bar during evaluation to indicated the percentage completed
  • Access to all history with a summary of scores and progress per evaluation, with the option to view a detailed report
  • Manager’s dashboard widget with the team’s average, highest and lowest score, average score per KPA and overall progress of evaluations completed and outstanding





  • Configure unlimited request types
  • Link multiple forms/documents to each request type
  • Specify different workflow paths for each request type
  • Employees can re-attach multiple attachments for workflow approval
  • See the next person in the workflow chain
  • View all historical completed requests with an audit of who captured, approved or rejected the request item on which date and time
  • View all pending requests and who they are with