HRDirector Start-Up Suite

A Special Package for Small Scale Enterprises

HRDirector Start-Up Suite supports small scale enterprises by enabling an ecosystem of a compact and connected workforce in which your erstwhile employees become drivers of productivity. With HRDirector for Start-Ups the subsisting pool of workforce can be better organised into a substantive human asset and standard bearers of the corporate vision. With our Pay Manger your worries to run payroll, generate and distribute payslips and record keeping of employees’ records are over. Above all we offer specially subsidised entry level pricing options on the start-up suites. The features are comprehensive, yet simple to use.

The HRDirector Start-Up Package is applicable to corporate organisations with 10 to 20 employees. Whether your business is in Lagos, Kano or Port Harcourt the HRDirector built-in legislation will automatically ensure your business is ‘above board’ and operates ‘outside the box’.

With all of the accessibility benefits our web based solutions have to offer,
HRDirector Start-Up Suite also includes (but not limited to):

  • Time Manager
  • Base HR
  • Payroll
  • Leave Administration
  • Nigeria Specific Compliance Reporting

HRDirector Start-Up Suite Happens Quickly in 5 Easy Steps:

  • Complete and Submit Online Form
  • Receive your email quote for review
  • Receive support call to assist with set-up
  • Load your organisation/employee details
  • Receive company registration/enrolment link. Done!

If you are unto something big, but aren’t big yet, start with HRDirector Start Up Suite for Solutions that are designed to fit any size of organisation with at least 10 (ten) members of staff and any size of budget. And because its built with your expansion in mind, it won’t just help you grow, it will grow with you.

Talk to us today, we have a couple of big ideas to benefit your enterprise.