HRDirector for Public Sector

One of the two most dreadful words in government today is ‘minimum wage’. Staff salary is serious business! More than ever before, sustained economic meltdown, higher public service delivery expectations vis a vis population growth rate and diminished returns on human capital employed has made the subject matter of public service payroll, pension etc an overarching subject matter hovering over governments at all levels. And even without the inclusion of its hidden costs, the price of employment already occupies as much as 70% of the operational costs of doing public sector business.

HRDirector is a super-smart human resource focused platform that engenders organisational performance by connecting people, process and their productivity to the human resource ecosystem. For Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government, if and when the manifesto is about navigating a paradigm shift in public service productivity; aligning with functional technology for shattering the bureaucratic glass ceiling imposed by antiquated habits of work ethic and transforming regular public servants into a super public service; HRDirector is your most ideal solution