HR Outsourcing Service

HR Outsourcing Alternative

This is the prototype HRDirector on demand, ready to use, scalable and flexible HR service deployment. In our quest to accelerate corporate productivity by automating and simplifying HR systems our outsourcing service helps you to run the tactical and strategic gamut of HR systems and processes while you focus on other important subject matters – growing your business.


Working with consultants and experienced specialists in your industry, HRDirector can deliver end-to-end on demand solutions to make your enterprise run more efficiently and within a short time transform your organisation by utilising highly professional HR related experts to unlock value for the benefit of your organisation.


Why HR Outsourcing Model?

  • Highly competent HR specialists with versatile footprints are not in abundant supply
  • Custom built modular service outsource gateway can be configured to synchronise with Client workflow within a short period of time
  • Implementation of an optimal HR strategy requires expert knowledge
  • Corporate executives rarely have the time, energy and resources to proactively keep a tab on granular legislative reporting and changes as it affects their human resources
  • For small and some medium enterprises operating a functionally effective in-sourced HR departments could be unaffordable


Request your quote today and benefit from a 100% web-based software with anytime, anywhere access that offers your staff direct online access to their time schedules, activity logs, payslips, claims and leave administration etc.


Tune in and power up your organisation quickly into a digital enterprise.