HC manager

Research says that in most organisations about 70% of HR Unit’s time has been taken up by generic administration leaving about 30% for core professional HR practice such as workforce planning, HR strategy and analytics that has the real potential to unlock HR’s value chain.

In order to rev up the intricate engine of human capital and leverage on the capacity of HR as a strategic catalyst for progressive change HR must devote more attention to top of the range professional practice.

HRDirector is a validated application that helps in breaking the limits imposed by traditional practices and process barriers that are inadvertently erected against unlocking the value chain.


Some of the key features are:
· workforce central database and management
· employee/ manager self service dashboard
· user friendly & intuitive interface
· resource planning
· organisational workflow
· automated leave application and approval
· log-in privileges
· powerful data import & export
· customised report to screen, e-mail, pdf, excel etc.
· performance appraisal & management
· training and staff development
· incident management