Expatriate Payroll Suite

Ensure your expatriate staff is compliant in home and host countries

HRDirector expatriate payroll management offers local compliance as well as unrivalled built-in automated standard delivered expatriate functionality. The advanced features provide automated multi-country, multi-currency salary and tax processing in both the home and the host country. Automated and instant single or multi-component gross up functionality further enhances concepts around complex tax equalisation scenarios.


Automatic Legislation Updates

All international legislation can be automated and updated by HRDirector.  Clients need not worry about understanding complex legislative rules.


Advanced Expatriate Functionality

HRDirector can deliver the requirement for expats working in other countries to gross up their earnings by relevant statutory contributions according to currency and contracts offered in their home countries. This allows for simple conversion of net home to host earnings.


Generic Tax Certificate

A generic tax certificate in home country currency  providing expats with information of payments made in the host country to complete personal tax returns in their home country.


Home & Host Reporting

HRDirector is able to supply employee and company-based reporting in host and home currencies, as well as comply with consolidated reporting in any currency required by the multinational’s headquarters.


Country Specific Reports

Standard reporting module produces country-specific company legislative reports and employee tax certificates in the required formats of each relevant country.


Currency Conversions

Dated currency exchange rate conversions either on a monthly or daily basis for the entire multi-national group. The choice of currency conversion information source is up to the Client.