Employee Self Service Suite

It’s a challenge to deliver a secure and cost-effective HR operation especially for any multi-site or mobile workforce. What model organisations chose to adopt will vary from choosing external advisors to hiring internal specialists. Globally, we’re seeing a trend towards a more self-service based approach where managers have greater autonomy and the ability to do their job effectively as their staff wish to communicate and undertake specific HR actions where and whenever they want – even if they are not on company premises.


HRDirector is all about access to information so employees are able to access their information at all times. Historical payslips are always available without the need to perform a ‘restore operation’. Employees can do on-screen comparisons between multiple payslips in order to identify trends within the business, as well as request that payslips be sent to their mobile phones via text message.


Payroll and HR departments do not get involved at all when it comes to providing employees access to their profiles. Employees register themselves and define their own passwords which eliminate the maintenance burden typically involved with administrating employee self-service solutions.


Employees can apply for leave, access tax certificates and capture expense claims that are sent via a workflow approval chain where the payslips are automatically updated without having to compile complex batch files outside of the system in order to upload into the payroll.


Leave Applications

We have built in smart logic into the leave calendar when applying for leave. When calendar days are crossed out it means a user cannot select these days and it is due to one of the following reasons:

  • You have already got a leave application for those days
  • Your captured work cycle says you do not work on those days
  • Your balance does not allow you to apply for those days
  • It’s a public holiday
  • You are exceeding the amount of configured consecutive days you can take at any one time
  • You are applying for less days than the configured minimum


Also see a picture of who the next approver is for the leave application, so you know exactly where it’s going next.


  • Built-in smart logic into the leave calendar when applying for leave.


Enterprise Calendar

Always know who will be out of the office with our interactive enterprise calendar. Employees who report to you will automatically show and you can toggle on and traverse entire departments to see who is around. Also toggle on other activities such as birthdays. The Agenda tab shows all upcoming events in the next week for your direct team such as who is joining, leaving, who is on leave and whose birthday it is. Soon you will be able to subscribe to a weekly email of these events so that you know what is going on in your team on a weekly basis.


Leave Balances

Easily reconcile your leave balance.

Expense Claims

We have made capturing of expense claims simple and intuitive and most importantly it is now mobile friendly! Also, access historical claims and quickly toggle between your claims based on any status.



Easily search, filter your payslips and download or email multiple payslips at once. Emailed payslips will be password protected with an employee’s birth date so that historical payslips, that have been emailed previously, can be accessed without having to remember the password from way back. Also compare payslips with ease.

YTD Tax Drill Down

Download your tax certificates and explore the new, pivoted year to date drill down screen. See exactly what makes up the tax codes on your certificate and export this breakdown to excel at the click of a button.