Attendance manager

Keeps a tab on punctuality and employee attendance at work places.

Organisations are free to deploy preference between manual template (such as attendance register) or digital systems. Even the digital system has evolved from time cards to swipe cards and now biometric systems. And the biometric system application could be finger or faceprint. We are technically equipped to install, configure, implement and maintain any of the digital attendance management systems of your choice.

The attendance manager module is designed to work with any type of attendance management system chosen by your organisation and it could be structured to synchronise attendance policies of organisations where pay may or may not be tied to number of hours worked at specific work places. This module could be implemented as a standalone or integrated with the other modules such as HC Manager, Pay Manager etc in order to drive incredible value offerings. Digitally managed attendance is an invaluable tool in better management of overtime claim, lateness, absenteeism and providing iron clad evidence in rewarding employee punctuality and diligence.

Although it is the module that is mostly resisted by junior and middle cadre staff, attendance manager is uniquely positioned to produce instant beneficial spin-offs in low hanging fruits that can be quickly harvested in terms of buddy
clocking, redundancy, absenteeism, inflated payroll, ghost workers etc. Our latest technology can centrally monitor remote attendance at up to 1500 different sites concurrently.