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People are the greatest asset is a popular management mantra. But to succeed into the future management have to find great people and build them into a team that is passionately committed to a shared vision. HRDirector is a super-smart human resource focused platform that engenders corporate performance by connecting people, process and their productivity to the human resource ecosystem.

More importantly, its innovative and scalable architecture is imbued with customisable pocket friendly models uniquely suited to the budget and functional preferences of small, medium and large organisations both in the public and private sectors of the economy.

For organisations with a minimum of 10 employees, if and when the conversation is about doubling the digits of corporate scorecard within the dimensions of data driven enterprise efficiency, onboarding and retention of top talents, team building and work force collaboration, employer of choice status model and human capital productivity, HRDirector is your most ideal solution.


Love . Refer . Earn

The HRDirector Referral Scheme gives our loyal Clients and fans the opportunity to spread the love! The best part – we will even reward you for it. Refer any Nigerian business to HRDirector and your successful referral will earn you a referral commission depending on the size of the business.

HRDirector Start-Up Suite: a special Package for Small Scale Enterprises

In our quest to accelerate corporate productivity by automating and simplifying HR systems we help you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

HRDirector for Public Sector

One of the two most dreadful words in government today is ‘minimum wage’. Staff salary is serious business! More than ever before, sustained economic meltdown …

HR Outsourcing Service

HR Outsourcing Alternative

This is the prototype HRDirector on demand, ready to use, scalable and flexible HR service deployment. In our quest to accelerate corporate productivity by automating and simplifying HR systems our outsourcing service helps you to run the tactical and strategic gamut …

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